Some of the best cheap drones are…

Today, our topic will be best drones under $300, and to make your decision easier we created list of 3 best drones you can find on market under $300.All 3 quadcopters are great and some of their features are astonishing, some of them You even doesn’t know to excist.



walkera-runner-250-2Walkera runner 250 is typicall racing drone.It is build to compete with other dronelovers.

Runner is made of carbon and it is extremely light and resistance.Proof of its resistance is that it will not break even if you crash tree or some other object at full speed.

Engines allow it to speed up to 40 km/h with flight time of 12-14 minutes and control range of 1000 meters.Walkera runner 250 is built for racing and if you are finding drones capable for race and competing with your friends this is best you can find for such low price.


2) BLADE 200 QX

blade-350-qx3-flyingBlade 200 QX is one extremely powerful drone with capacity of carrying Go-Pro camera or other heavy objects which most of drones under $300 can’t.It’s designed for acrobatic flight and that is something in what Blade 200 QX is best.It is stable enough so you don’t need to control it in order to stay in the air.It has 3 modes: stability mode, 3D stagility mode and 3D agility mode.Last one is made for acrobating flight.Flight time is 10 minutes and control distance is 350 meters.



q500-typhoon-in-airParrot AR Drone 2.0 is outstanding drone.It has interesting design and some great features and performances that can be made.Parrot comes in three diferent version.You can choose between Snow,Jungle or Sand version.Another interesting thing is that it doesn’t come with controller, it relies on your Android or IOS device connected via a WiFi hotspot generated by drone itself.Only you need to download a free app called AR.FreeFlight.Camera is built in and you can upload videos and photos on app.Control distance is only bad side(only 130 meters).