We’re here to talk about what’s new in world of drones. This website is administrated by group of friends who are also drone enthusiasts. We’ll give our best to keep you up to date with drone industry. It’s one of the fastest changing industries and some new, interesting stuff pop up every few months. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

dji phantom 2

We’ll put our focus on both news and buying guides. So you can expect posts of this type “Look at what DJIs new drone Mavic brings to us” as well as “Top 10 drones for sale in 2016”. I believe that’s the best combination that offers most value to end customer (in this case that’s you).

I would be extremely happy if you guys give us some feedback. In form of contact us email, comment on published post or mention on some 3rd party forum/web space. That’s what makes me happy!

Thank you for reading mimmimoves.com! 🙂